Get Involved

Members of the Revolve 2015 crew

Want to get involved? Our events wouldn’t be possible without all of the wonderful support we receive!

What Makes a Harbormark Event Work?

We started curating events back in 2011, with the goal of bringing people together. Today, we’re still doing it for the same reason – but we can’t do it alone. This is where you come in.

Harbormark relies on a network of speakers, volunteers, attendees, supporters and sponsors to make our events stand out. It takes a lot of passion, drive and dedication to ensure that attendees receive a good experience, take away valuable insights, and make meaningful connections. Overall, it takes a lot to ensure that Harbormark events continue to deliver a quality experience, over and over again.

Ways to Get Involved

Here are a few ways you or your organization can get involved:


We’re always looking for new and interesting presenters, and topics for Harbormark events. There is no show without talent.

Learn more about upcoming speaking opportunities.


Sponsors of Harbormark events position themselves as leaders within the technology, design and marketing communities.


Volunteering for a Harbormark event takes a lot of hard work but you get to meet a ton of industry professionals and creatives, and help craft the experience for our attendees and our community.